Safe, Reliable Disinfection

Sanistar Water: Disinfect safely with slightly acidic electrolyzed water.


Water that is more than water

Increase your hygiene levels without damaging your goods or your facilities. Maintain the quality of your products in an economical, effective way.

How it works


A wide range of applications.

Install Sanistar Water in your food
factories, supermarkets, restaurants,
hotels, etc. for clean surfaces and



Practical Use of Sanistar Water

The act of washing with Sanistar Water allows equipment and surfaces to be sanitized at the same time with the same power as sodium hypochlorite.

Sanistar Water is effective at washing foods because it can be used in place of water with no effect on food quality or food safety.

Sanistar Water is low in chlorine concentration allowing it to be used without causing corrosive damage to drains.

Sanistar Water is effective on a wide range of microorganisms making it ideal for many uses even beyond food production facilities.

Sanistar Water kills bacteria that cause fuol odours, and is ideal for drains and grease traps.

Sanistar Water reduces mold and biofilms through regular use.

A solution to every hygiene problem:

From Sanistar Water, to Foam Cleaning
Instruments, to Detergents. We provide you with
all the tools to keep your installations bacteria-free
and your foods delicious.


Sanistar Water

*Sanistar Machines are available at South Korea and China under the 安守星 name.


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